Uppsala Innovation Centre - Nurturing life science start-ups

Uppsala BIO has chosen to focus its incubation work in Uppsala Innovation Centre, UIC. Together we share the view that the goal is to grow strong and sustainable companies.


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Photo: Markus Marcetic
Uppsala BIO contributes a significant part of the financing for UIC and works continuously in partnership with UIC to represent the interests of start-up companies in life science. UIC provides training, business coaches, financial assistance, and important networks that develop people, business, and companies.

About 30 % of the new early projects received in UIC last year, were identified from Uppsala BIO-X.

Ever since UIC started in 2004, life science companies have been participating in
UIC programs. Today more than half of its programs are for life science companies. The return on public investments for these life science companies in 2008 amounted to 300 %.

Together with UIC, Uppsala BIO and Innovationsbron have developed UIC Resource, a virtual bio-incubator. At low cost, life science companies gain access to key resources such as clean rooms and analytical instruments, complete with experts on the equipment.

Are you an entrepreneur or investor? Want to know more about UIC’s programs? Or are you a member company that would like to share your experience? Please contact Per Bengtsson, CEO, UIC.


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