Can the iPod prompt an interest in
life science?

Science needs to be made interesting and relevant. We need to explain how a science education can lead to an exciting and fulfilling job. In this respect Uppsala BIO is working in close collaboration with schools and with teachers, who are the key to lasting results.


Bridgto Schools
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Uppsala BIO provides support in understanding the workplace and building bridges between educators and employers. For example, there are many knowledgeable individuals working at Uppsala BIO member companies or institutions who would be happy to give talks at schools, organize field trips, provide mentoring, and serve as interview subjects.

Could Web interfaces and the iPod be the best starting point to spark an interest in life science? Uppsala BIO’s members will be participating, bringing their experience from research an companies.

Attract tomorrow´s key competence today

Uppsala BIO is currently working with Rosendal High School on similar activities connected to chemistry and with Cathedral High School to provide company contacts for students.

The Chamber of Commerce, one of Uppsala BIO's members, runs the program "Trampolinen" (The Springboard), where companies "adopt" a 7th grade school class to spur their interest for the business and working life before applying to high school.

Uppsala BIO encourages life science companies in Uppsala to participate in “Trampolinen”. By joining the program, your company will get an unique opportunity to impact young people’s career choices from start. For more information, please refer to The Chamber of Commerce’s information on Trampolinen.

Is your school also interested in working more closely with the life science sector? Is your company interested in connecting with our schools?

For further information, please contact Kristin Hellman, Uppsala BIO

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