At BIO Competence Forum educational needs become educational programs

What staff development needs is your operation facing? In the long term, will new competencies be required? Are there no further education programs to develop your associates in the right direction?


Bio Competence Forum
Photo: Markus Marcetic
  Uppsala BIO is the first link between working life and education providers in the region. Together with representatives from the life science sector, we are launching the collaborative BIO Competence Forum. The aim is ensure that programs are rapidly designed to address the needs of the life science sector, regardless of who might be the most suitable provider.

BIO Competence Forum is part of Uppsala County
Competence Forum, a cross-sectorial collaboration initiated by the Regional Council and funded by the EU Regional Development Fund.

At Uppsala BIO we regularly monitor the life science sector needs – both short and long term – and formulate them as "commissions", that we communicate to providers of training and education.

Maybe you need to enhance your selling skills? Maybe your associates need training in presentation technology? Or is it new safety rules, regulatory requirements, entrepreneurship in general, or a new method that we need to learn to use?

In BIO Competence Forum we meet the county’s education providers, who decide how best to develop the appropriate training program – and with whom.

To formulate the right commissions, we need your input. Would you like to be represented in BIO Competence Forum? Offer your views?

For further information, please contact Kristin Hellman, Uppsala BIO.

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