Innovation Akademiska shortens the journey

Healthcare professionals have great insight into how products used in medical technology, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical applications should be designed to be effective. Uppsala BIO has therefore to created a bridge to healthcare in collaboration with member companies and Uppsala University Hospital - Innovation Akademiska.


Bridge to Healthcare
Photo: Markus Marcetic
  In our region there are three university hospitals, one of them Uppsala University Hospital. They are all of central importance, not only in terms of the care and clinical research they perform but also, in a broader sense, in terms of the region’s life science sector, including its companies. There is tremendous potential in this.

Those who work in healthcare develop considerable insight into how products should be designed in order to be effective. When products are being developed, prototypes or candidate drugs also need to be tried out in alpha/beta tests or in clinical trials. Here, too, close cooperation is necessary.

By eliminating obstacles and creating incentives so that it becomes apparent that everyone stands to gain, we can make collaboration more efficient.

The government’s delegation for cooperation in clinical research, along with Uppsala BIO’s members,  asked Uppsala BIO to address these issues. The goal was for healthcare, in close collaboration with clinical research, to more clearly constitute an more powerful engine for the life science sector in the region.

In February 2010, VINNOVA announced that Uppsala BIO's project The Innovative Hospital was granted 7,5 MSEK (0,75 MEUR) over three years to realize the plans formulated in the project.

The project will be owned and administred by Uppsala University Hospital as an integrated part in Innovation Akademiska, in collaboration with Uppsala BIO, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Almi Företagspartner and Uppsala Regional Council, who also will co-finance the project. Pressreleases on the decision are available in Swedish from VINNOVA and from Uppsala BIO.

Innovation Akademiska can therefore offer a way in for companies, wishing to develop their products in close collaboration with healthcare as an end-user, and a way out for ideas emanating from the hospital's personnel and its daily work in healthcare. 

For questions about Innovation Akademiska, please contact Kristin Hellman, Uppsala BIO, or read more on Innovation Akademiska's Swedish website.

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