Welcome to town. We roll out the Red Carpet and open doors.

The life science industry is characterized by ever greater global contacts and collaboration. More and more companies have their owners and board members far away from their operations in Uppsala. Many activities bring to Uppsala key associates from around the world.


Red Carpet
Photo: Markus Marcetic
It’s important for all of these individuals to know about the opportunities the Uppsala region has to offer in life science. With its position, Uppsala BIO can open doors to the contacts and networks that are crucial for their operations to move forward.

Working with our partners and members, we have developed the Red Carpet. The Red Carpet leads to decision-makers at the universities and in the region and to the most important company contacts.

Just exactly what the program looks like will vary. We roll out the Red Carpet to nurture the new operations and contacts that come to the region, and to expand the network. 

Is your whole board, or some of its members, far away from Uppsala? Are your operations foreign-owned, or do you have new owners? Have new key associates recently joined your company? Please contact Anna Liljas, Uppsala BIO.

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