EU funding: A way to develop into prospering companies

The EU is an important source of financing, but both applying for funding and administering projects selected for grants are regarded by many as complicated work. We have realized that it’s not enough to provide information. What is needed is operative support. Uppsala BIO has launched a pilot project, an effort that can make a huge difference.


EU Funding
Photo: Markus Marcetic
  Uppsala BIO offers concrete support for small and medium-size companies that have projects and collaborations that are suitable for EU funding and wish to submit an application for EU grants.

Initially a handful of small companies will be provided with free hands-on assistance in planning and completing applications. What’s important is for the region’s companies to be able to reinforce their budgets and to benefit from the national
and international networks that are entailed when they participate in framework programs, for example. Uppsala’s EU Network, where Uppsala BIO is a member, will also be of great help.

We are convinced that our commitment can make the difference between remaining a promising project and obtaining the funding needed to grow into a company that can attract capital and markets.

For more information about the support Uppsala BIO provides to complete successful applications for EU funding, please contact Dr Erik Forsberg, Uppsala BIO. 

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