Experimental knowledge and an international network are major factors for success

The rate of growth for small companies with products for the life science market depends primarily on the rate of international commercialization. The Uppsala region has a long history of commercializing life science innovations.


Photo: Markus Marcetic
  After the “Pharmacia era”, several small life science companies have been born and raised in the region. Taken together, this has created a tremendous pool of professionals with long experience from commercializing new technology on international markets. Making this pool of experimental knowledge and their international network available to support start-ups and young entrepreneurs can become a major factor for success.

This project aims at creating global links and validated entry points that facilitate the international commercialization of start-ups in the region. Furthermore, the project strives to create sustainable processes to ensure that local global business experience and networks are available also to the young entrepreneur.

Whether you as a growing company need the expertise from the network, or want to share your experiences and networks, or both, please contact Kristin Hellman, project leader.

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