Uppsala Innovation Arena: With our sights set on sustainably robust companies

Providing synchronized and strong innovation support has been the goal of Uppsala BIO since it started in 2004. Thanks to the excellent collaboration that has developed between the players in Uppsala Innovation Arena, today Uppsala can offer one of the premier innovation support systems for life science companies.


Innovation ArenaAt Uppsala Innovation Arena experienced players work in concert, with sustainably robust growth companies as their objective. Here entrepreneurs will find the contacts and support necessary for their companies to develop in the best way. This can involve patent issues, financing, business development, or legal matters. Some ideas are best suited for patenting and licensing. Help is available for this as well. Work is currently underway to be able to offer growth companies a long-term and knowledgeable financier in the regional network.

The hub of the Innovation Arena is Uppsala Innovation Centre, UIC, one of Sweden’s most successful incubators. UIC is part of the Innovation Bridge national incubator program.

Those of us who operate in the Innovation Arena have different roles to fulfill. The precise point may vary regarding when in the process it is suitable for our respective competencies to be applied. As an entrepreneur or researcher with an idea to commercialize, you can contact any one of us. As an investor and partner, too. No entry point is wrong.

And we’re achieving results. Today we are screening some 500 ideas per year. About 10 new life science companies are started each year. A quality seal of Uppsala Innovation Arena is the external capital that the companies assisted attract. This amount doubled between 2007 and 2008.

Partners in Uppsala Innovation Arena 

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