Uppsala BIO’s mission

Uppsala’s life science sector is a fantastic resource – for the region, for Sweden, and for the world. If it is to continue to be an internationally competitive sector that develops, produces, and sells products to the entire world, a sector that provides jobs and income, each day we must be a bit better.


Vision Mission photo Markus Marcetic
Photo: Markus Marcetic

We know it won’t be easy. The competition is keen. We need to be able to offer excellent conditions for education, research, innovation, product development, and production. We can only achieve this in close collaboration between people from the academy, industry, healthcare, and local authorities.

Uppsala BIO’s role is to bring together these players in a common strategy and plan of action in order to strengthen the life science sector's competitiveness.


We are based in Uppsala. A region with a long tradition of strong academic research and of translating research into life science products with a global market.

Uppsala BIO:

  • ensures a holistic perspective and offers a neutral meeting place
  • implements programs that improves the life science sector's conditions for growth 

Uppsala BIO’s central role as an independent bridge-builder in this process is self-evident. We are convinced that life science will continue to flourish and contribute to Sweden's export incomes and growth.

Read more about Uppsala BIO’s programs in Our Offerings.

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