Figures make it clear: Stockholm-Uppsala is an exceptional region

About 60 % of the Swedish life science industry is located in Stockholm-Uppsala. Within one hour’s drive you will find seven universities, four university hospitals, over 500 companies with about 25 000 employees, and influential authorities such as the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the National Veterinary Agency, and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.



We know that Stockholm-Uppsala is a superb environment for companies and scientists in life science who want to achieve results. We know that Uppsala’s life science sector is important for the region’s economy and as part of the greater Stockholm-Uppsala region.

Facts and figures are a key tool in our work to create greater visibility for the region’s life science sector. Together with researchers at the Uppsala University Centre for Research on Innovations and Industrial Dynamics, CIND, we regularly compile statistics and facts about the life science sector in Uppsala.

Regionally we carry out marketing activities targeting politicians and the general public. This may be done through private meetings or through larger-scale activities at shopping centers, for example.

Internationally we operate under the trademark Stockholm-Uppsala Life Science. The organization is tasked with positioning Stockholm-Uppsala’s life science throughout the world.

Welcome to an exceptional life science region.

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