Training skilled people is a long-term strategic issue

Access to a competent workforce is an important factor for regional competitiveness and attractiveness. Our aim is to draw the best students, teachers, and scientists, experts of every kind, as well as managers and leaders. Uppsala BIO is therefore working in close collaboration with schools to secure and improve the recruitment of students to natural science.

Photo: Markus Marcetic

Key to this support are our members - the companies, the universities, Uppsala University Hospital, and local government. Thanks to them, students and teachers can get up-to-date knowledge about life science and develop a vision of a possible career.

Those in charge of educational programs have to be aware of the needs perceived by employers in the region. The Uppsala Regional Council has launched a structured collaboration between employers and educational leaders – from high school through doctoral studies. Uppsala BIO will be responsible for factoring in the needs of the life science industry, our BIO Competence Forum.

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