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The networks in Uppsala are often pointed out as a factor behind the success of the life science sector. Uppsala BIO offers a natural meeting place for people who share a vision.


Photo: Ewa Ahlin
  With all their experience and contacts, all professionals working in life science – in companies, at universities, and with public authorities - are an invaluable resource. They play a key role in attractive new educational programs and when research is to be transformed into products and robust and sustainable companies.

Uppsala BIO has a strategic role to play in nurturing these networks and in ensuring their optimal use. Arenas for meetings and networking are thus an integral part of the Uppsala BIO program. These meeting places can be major conferences such as BIO Ångström, where university researchers and

companies gather to discuss technical solutions for life science applications. The more informal BIO-PUB:s create opportunities for new knowledge and
new contacts.

Under Events you will find both Uppsala BIO events and other interesting meetings. Use them – and us – to grow your own and your
organization’s network.

Uppsala BIO also takes the initiative for small discussion groups. In these groups we can develop Uppsala BIO’s activities together with our members and delve deeper into specific issues.

We are also eager to bring together focus groups in response to the needs of our members. Is there a forum you would like to see here? Contact Anna Liljas, Uppsala BIO!

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