Uppsala has a long tradition of growing companies

The Uppsala region has a tradition of developing companies all the way from a research idea to production and global sales. We are continuing this tradition. Together with our members, we develop programs and activities that make it easier to grow globally from the Uppsala region.


Photo: James Justin

Uppsala BIO’s goal is a sustainably robust life science sector. This is why we are cultivating an optimal environment for companies to achieve long-term growth.

Our incubator, Uppsala Innovation Centre, UIC, and all surrounding support for growing companies is a valualbe resource for turning innovations to growth.

Another example is the testbed operated at the University Hospital, welcoming companies to test and develop their ideas, products and methods.

Uppsala BIO welcomes new companies and executives when they move to Uppsala. Together with our partners, we roll out the Red Carpet to key environments and networks. Uppsala is a fantastic setting for life science! 

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