Bridges over the valley of death

The flow of new ideas that can be further developed in start-up
or existing companies is the life force of the life science sector.
Uppsala BIO is therefore committing major resources to the
development of programs that give ideas buoyancy in their
early stages.


Photo: Markus Marcetic

At the same time as commercial actors are placing ever greater demands on projects and ideas before they help develop a new product, research funding is focusing on greater depth. There is a risk that the gap between research findings and explorative product development will continue to widen.

Uppsala BIO is therefore offering a program to bridge the first few steps, from research and healthcare, toward a new life-science product. The bridge between research, healthcare, and product development is built through financing, expert advice, and access to crucial networks.

In BIO-X research concepts can develop into commercially interesting proofs of concept.

At Innovation Akademiska we build upon ideas from daily healthcare at Uppsala University Hospital and help turn them into new products and solutions that enhance the quality of care.

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