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Our offerings

Uppsala BIO is based in Uppsala, a region with a long tradition of strong academic research and of transforming research findings into life science products with a global market. Uppsala BIO’s role is to bring together academia, industry, healthcare and local authorities in collaborations that strengthen the life science sector's competitiveness – in the region, in Sweden and internationally.

To realise this goal, we join national programs like SWElife and announce our own Calls for Proposals within the framework of the BIO-X program. BIO-X supports researchers, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs who have exciting ideas for new, cost-effective therapies and products for diagnostics or medical technology.

Industry and investors on the look out for promising research projects and start-up technologies in which to collaborate and invest contact Uppsala BIO on a regular basis. Our BIO-X process is also used in this collaboration with industry, BIO-X industry, partly through the framework of agreements with industry and partly through collaboration with Sweden’s East Central region.

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